Want to be a Cloudmatika Reseller?

Cloudmatika presents 3 reseller packages that fit your business. If you are one of a System Integrator, Web Developer, Mobile App Developer, or even a Telecommunication Operator and Internet Service provider, then it is very likely that your customers need a cloud based product and service. Cloudmatika have the Reseller packages that will fit your profile and business needs. you can choose one of these 3 options :

Reseller Lite

With this plan, you can start as soon as possible. no contract and without minimum commitment.

Reseller lite is perfect for System Integrators who manage all services for their customer and don’t need to do online sales.

A Complete Cloud Business for You, out-of-the-box without Investment!

Building and maintaining a Cloud Service usually requires a great investment, an excellent knowledge of Cloud, hires a team of specialized engineer and cost you a lot of time to implement and go to market.
Cloudmatika has more than 15 years of experience in investing in Cloud and has the leading Cloud platform in Indonesia. You can use our services, features, and quality with your own brand.

ODIN Service Automation

We use Cloud Automation system “ODIN Service Automation” which is the world’s leading Cloud Automation. As a fully branded reseller, you will get all benefits from ODIN without any expense and thinking about the complexity in building it : http://www.odin.com/products/automation/

Many Advantages

  • Brand on your own name in the storefront to sell all the services online
  • Complete billing automation using your brand name
  • You can set your own price
  • Control Panel for Customer with your own brand
  • Service on behalf of your brand completely, such as ns1 and ns2.domainanda.com or mail.domainanda.com
  • Complete Back-end to support your business, from Customer account to marketing campaigns
  • Include training and support for your staff
  • A swift time to market opportunity. Usually take 1 week to setup and training in the next week.
  • Fully Manage Cloud Option. Cloudmatika can manage your reseller account from 1st level support.

Service Provider Partner

As Service Provider Partner, you usually have your own IIX network and/or connectivity to OpenIXP, also with Public IP. We offer the same benefits as “Fully Branded Reseller”, with addition :

  • Your own Dedicated Server (provided by Cloudmatika)
  • You can provide Internet Accesss linked straight to our Data Center and connect directly to your intended Dedicated Server.
  • You can use your Public IP, so your customer can see the WHOIS information from the IP that it is yours
  • Have an Exclusive Service, where you can choose 400 Cloud Service in “APS Catalogue” (http://dev.appstandard.org/apps/) and we will do the special installation for you.


Take advantage of cloudmatika technology to gain more of your business profit

Please contact our Team Partner Management to discuss your needs. Our expert team will quickly identify a reseller package that suits you most, and guide you to know the detailed benefits and the requirements needed.

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