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Easy to Use, Yet Affordable
Perfect for All Kinds of Companies

Benefit 1Unlimited Users

The price is the same whether you have 100 or 1000, or more users. Even if you are many, or have additional employees, you don't have to worry about billing based on the number of users or licenses. Also, an advanced and flexible folder access controls allows you securely exchange data with people outside the company.

Benefit 2User Friendly

You do not need additional software manage the cloud files, nor train your users. You can simply use the standard file Explorer function in Windows, or the Finder on the Mac. As such, you will not incur additional costs. Generally, You can upload, download, and share files the same way you are used to on your standard computer.

Benefit 3Affordable Price

To meet the needs of small, medium-sized and even enterpized companies within their budgets, we offer affordable services with flexible disk capacity and payment plans. Also, you can subscribe to our annual plan, which is even more cost-effective than the monthly plans. You can also increase the disk capacity as your company grows.


FileBox Cloudmatika FileBox by Cloudmatika is a secure cloud-based fileserver for your business.
Our service will improve the efficiency of sharing files with your collegues and partners


1TB Storage
Unlimited Users
  • ID Athentication
  • 2 Steps Verification
  • Encrypted Communication
  • IP Address Restriction
  • Device Management
  • WebDAV Alignment
  • Download Limitation
  • Recipient Specification
  • User Activities Limitation
Rp 1,580,000/Month


3TB Storage
Unlimited Users
  • ID Athentication
  • 2 Steps Verification
  • Encrypted Communication
  • IP Address Restriction
  • Device Management
  • WebDAV Alignment
  • Download Limitation
  • Recipient Specification
  • User Activities Limitation
Rp 5,980,000/Month

Additional 1TB Storage

Available for All Packages
Rp 480,000 / Month


1TB Storage
Unlimited Users
  • ID Athentication
  • 2 Steps Verification
  • Encrypted Communication
  • IP Address Restriction
  • Device Management
  • WebDAV Alignment
  • Download Limitation
  • Recipient Specification
  • User Activities Limitation
Rp 1,380,000/Month

Additional 1TB Storage

Available for All Packages
Rp 420,000 / Month
Monthly Payment Rp 1,380,000 Rp 1,070,000 Rp 210,000
Contract Terms Unlimited User Unlimited Users 5 Users
Payment Structure Payment by Capacity Payment by Capacity User Billing
Storage Capacity 1 TB & 3 TB 250 GB, 1 Year 1 TB
File Operation on Desktop
Manage File Version
Password Setting
Office’s File Editing on Browser
File Size Limit No Yes No
Mobile App (Android & iOS)
Authentication ID / Password
2 Factor Verification
Encrypted Communication
Data Center Location Local Data Center Overseas Overseas

*Monthly unit per price at the time of 1 year contract, FileBox Standard, tax excluded

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Increase your companies work efficiency

You can organize, manage and share your data easily,
Thus, increasing work efficiency.

Construction Industries

Easily access all the work documents or upload files while in the fields. Save time when the workers need to go out of the office. This way, your work efficiency increase.

Improve work efficiency and reduce long working hours

Your data will be stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere using any device. You can share, check, and upload your updated files even when you are on the construction site. You can also easily share you data to your business partners by simply saving photos taken at the site to the cloud-shared folder. Update information on time will optimize your work.

Easily exchange large files

You do not need to split large files into multiple files or attach password-protected ZIP files when you want to send files via emails. There is no file size limit for Cloudmatika FileBox. You can upload and save large files freely.

No need to use USB anymore and assure your companies data security

Storing data on USB drives and other portable media increases the data loss risks due to misplacement, physical damage or lost devices. Cloudmatika FileBox give you the perfect security solutions to eliminate the data loss promblem.

Design Industry

Customize the data sharing method for each business partner easily without the need to worry about how big the file size you wish to share.

Eliminate the hassle of collaborating with mutiple companies

If you want to share data with the business partnert easily. While sharing files or data to external can be risky due to security issues. With Cloudmatika FileBox, your data security will be assured. You can create a shared folder for each business partner and set flexible user permission and access restriction.

Easy-to-use shared folder for partners companies

There are two ways to share files. For frequent business partners, you can create a shared folder and configure the users who need access. Afterward, use the standard desktop file operation to save the data you want to share in the folder. You can also schedule the uploads to a certain date and time that you and your business partner have agreed.

Easy share “shareable link” to temporary business partner or clients

For temporary business partners or clients, there is a “Create link in clipboard” that you can use to send them the links that you wished to share via emails, chats, or any other ways you prefer. You do not need to worry about security because you can create the link while setting the passwords and expiration dates.

Manufacture Industries

Eliminate the usage of the big in-house server, reduce cost, and improve your company's operational efficiency.

Significantly reduce management cost

By using Cloud Storage, you can save the cost of servers, space, electricity, and labor required to operate and maintain an in-house server.

Reduce the risk of disaster

Operating you in-house servers expose you to natural disaster such as earthquakes, flood, and many others. However, with Cloudmatika FileBox, your data resides in a well equipped disaster-proof data center in Indonesia.

Reliable security management

Only users with administrative permissions can check who uploaded, downloaded, or viewed what files. With the advantage of the unlimited number of users of Cloudmatika FileBox, it is easy to manage logs and other data by giving access permissions to each employee.

Distribution & Retail Industries

Eliminate the usage of the big in-house server, reduce cost, and improve your company's operational efficiency.

Easy to set custom access permission for each user

Cloudmatika's enterprise-level cloud storage solution allows you to control access permissions on your cloud storage account with an easy-to-use interface. External users can be granted read-only access, or full access to your account. You can also set custom permissions for each individual file or folder, so that you have full control over who has access to what on your account.

No more wasting time to look for paper document

With Cloudmatika FileBox, you can now store files on the cloud with one click. The best feature of all is that you can automatically save your scanned documents, images, and videos to the cloud, so that you never have to worry about losing important files or destroying your hard drive again. You can minimze the usage of paper and save your time searching for paper documents.

Prevent accidental sending of files

When you accidentally send the wrong files or data over your email, you need to ask the recipients to delete the files. But with Cloudmatika FileBox, you can simply revoke the link and make it impossible to view the files.

Use the synconization function to save computer disk space

Our cloud storage is the perfect tool for you to store, share and sync your files. With its intelligent synchronization function, you can free up space on your computer while storing and accessing your files from anywhere in the world.

Hospitals Industries

Cloudmatika FileBox is a user-friendly application, there is no needs to hold any trainning for the employee to use it. FileBox is also integrated with Microsoft Office

User Friendly

Cloudmatika FileBox is a user-friendly cloud storage service. As long as you have internet, you can access any files or data anytime. Your work efficiency will increase.

Similar as you are using your own computer

Cloudmatika FileBox can be used in the same way as you open, manage, and use folders on your computer. The shortcuts key for copying, pasting and dragging, and dropping files are all the same. You can save and share data to the cloud just like how you are doing it on your desktop.

Avaiable to save any kind of files

You can update, save, and share your word, excel, and other data without any special operations. Cloudmatika FileBox is integrated with Office, so you can edit any shared Office files on your browser at the same time with your team.


File Operations on
the Desktop

You can use Finder / Explorer for file operations as you are using standard computer

Save Disk Space
on Your Computer

Save disk space on your devices or computers by selecting and downloading only the data you need

Active Directory

Reduce administrator troublesome work by remote and centralized ID / Password management.

Create Shareable

You can easily create share-link. By using right-click, you can find several ways to share link. You can easily download the files

Mobile Device
File Sharing

FileBox is compatible with any devices, so you can easily share your files or data from your mobile phone, tabs, or laptop

Set Sharing

You can assign different role-based permission for user. That way, you can manage shared information

File Version

Restore up to 1000 previous file version.

Available in
Many Languages

You can set any language you are using.

More Secure with FileBox Advance

IP Address White Lable

IP Address
White Lable

By registering spesific global IP Address, you can restrict the access from other IP Address

Devices Access Management

Devices Access

Access to the new devices is possible when the admin is notified and authenticated.

WebDAV Connections


You can mount share files or save files from WebDAV folder directly on Linux OS or WebDAV third party softwares

Advance Link Sharing Setting

Advance Link
Sharing Setting

You can limit the numbers of downloads and spesifying the recipient who can access, view, or download the files.

Administration Function

  • User Setting
  • Group Setting
  • Check Access Services
    & Device Use
  • Blocking Access
  • Check Login History
  • Setting Number of Days to
    Save Logs (Up To 999 Days)
  • Managing Sharing Control
    & Permission
  • Manage User Activity Log

Data Protection

  • Data Storage Located in Indonesia
  • File Recovery (Umlimited Capacity)
  • Password Protected
    Shareable Link
  • Expiration Date Setting for
    Shareable Link
  • Remote Deletion of Data on Devices
  • Unlimited File Size

System Support

  • By Phone
  • By Chat
  • By Email
  • 24/7 Emergency Support Service
  • Available in Indonesia
    and English

Since a cloud file service is a long-term relationship, we are considering that it is difficult to decide on such an important thing just based on information from the website or just a little chat with our salesperson. Our idea is to make you experience the feeling of operation and usability so you can decide after trying it out thoroughly. This is why we offer you Free 14 Days Trial for "Cloudmatika Filebox".

  • A1.1 TB storage is estimated to be able to store around 1 million Office files (1 MB), 250,000 photos (4 MB), and 100,000 1 minute videos (10 MB).
  • A2.FileBox Unlimited Plan includes 3 TB of storage with unlimited users. You can add more storage for Rp 420,000/1 TB/Month (1 Year contract) You can add more storage for Rp 420,000/1 TB/Month (1 Year contract)
  • A3.Yes, It is unlimited. No matter how many users you add, you pay the same price.
  • A4.Yes, you can restore from latest version of the saved data. The deleted data is stored for 7 days, so make sure to restore it within 7 days.
  • A5.Yes, you can configure the number of days to save a file on local folder from 0 to forever. After setting the dates the data will be stored in cloud storage. Thus saving you local disk space.
  • A6.You can download files from web pannel (install the software on your computer) and you can easily download your files anytime. You can save downloaded files to your own folders.
  • A7.You can share files or folders easily just by creating a "sharedablelink" from the right click of your mouse.
  • A8.Two-factor authentication, AES 256-bit encryption (a high-strength encryption algorithm), and ISO-certified data center ensure the security of your data. There is an audit report log monitoring function that allows you to view download history, shared link creation history, etc.

Why Cloudmatika ?

Data Center

Data Center

Local Data Center

Be assured that your data is secure, and our dedicated operations team will keep you online.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Full Trained Cloud Professionals

We won’t take any chances when it comes to keeping your data secure. We are fully compliant with standards, protecting your data by all means possible. Our highly trained professionals with many years of experience in operating not just our networks, but the systems and data that reside on them.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Help When You Need

Our dedicated customer service staff are ready via phone, email, or live chat to assist you when you need it. We offer service level agreements and managed services to meet every need. Stay online, all the time with Cloudmatika

Free Consultation With Cloudmatika Team

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FileBox By Cloudmatika

  • Local Data Center.
  • Control by IT Admin.
  • File Synchronization.
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