CCS gives you convenience to connect with your partner and customers through a better process but along lower cost.


CCS makes collaboration as easy as having a direct conversation in the same place with your team.


Communication is key in business. CCS allows communication to Occur fast in the right way.

Paket Bulanan Kami

Upgrade bisnis anda dengan solusi kami

Zimbra Email

25GB Penyimpanan/akun*

RP. 55.000 /AKUN

  • Portal
  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Activesync
  • Drive
  • Spreadsheet
  • Text
  • Messenger
  • Guard

Cloudmatika Portal is a starting point where you can see review of all online interaction : social, Message, RSS, meeting appointment.


All of your account on one display. You can add or erase account from various email provider very easily.

This Intuitive Calendar make group scheduling effortless and visual. This also enable users to integrate with each other.

The current global advancement requires people to have access to their files at anytime, anywhere, and through any device they use.

Work on your own documents, or collaborate with others and then save it in the Cloud.

CCS Messenger is a real time text, sound, and video based complete application for the CCS Suite. This is entirely integrated to Cloudmatika Collaboration Suite and is a complement to other apps like CCS Documents.

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