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With docker on our platform, you will get the maximum security and speed, allow you to work with your team anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, we use an advanced and powerful host server that enable you to do flexible scalability based on your need.

Maximize Your VDC With Docker

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Docker Containers vs Virtual Machine

Common VMs


Faster And Lighter

Docker as a Solution for the problem on how to reliably run a software when moving from one computation environment to another. With its advanced security system and Docker’s speed processing, allow users to maximally run software application.

Pay As You Use

With Virtual Data Center, you will not be charged with a high and constant amount of cost. The charged cost is the fee that apply to your Virtual Data Center usage. With this Pay As You Use, you can reduce and save your spending.


Our most important feature is AutoScale. With this feature we ensure that you will pay only the amount of your usage, not the monthly high constant payment. Altough our Technology is based on “clouds” and “virtualization”, our entire Infrastructure is in a state-of-the-art Dell Server Hardware, and is located in the best and safest data center in Indonesia.

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Why Cloudmatika ?


Local Data Center

Be assured that your data is secure, and our dedicated operations team will keep you online.

Peace of Mind

Full Trained Cloud Professionals

We won’t take any chances when it comes to keeping your data secure. We are fully compliant with standards, protecting your data by all means possible. Our highly trained professionals with many years of experience in operating not just our networks, but the systems and data that reside on them.

Customer Service

Help When You Need

Our dedicated customer service staff are ready via phone, email, or live chat to assist you when you need it. We offer service level agreements and managed services to meet every need. Stay online, all the time with Cloudmatika

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With Docker Cloudmatika You Can

  • Pay As You Use.
  • Auto Scale.