Monitor Attacks and Blocks automatically. Activate DDOS Protection on your Server!

Layer Security

Prevent DDOS application layer strike  and blocks all the attacks coming in anytime. DDOS Protection resist all DDOS Attack addressed from layer 3, 4 & 7.

Automatic Detection

Identify the attacker and automatically block the IP used to attack the server. Every attack data will be put in the DDOS Protection monitoring system.

Stable Performance

DDOS Protection will not reduce the Performance of the server. Security latency will be inducted by integrating it with the performance service, including website optimization.

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS)

A large amount of strike effort coming through many ways. Secure it with Cloudbric DDOS Protection so that your website supervised and blocks incoming strikes.

Various DDOS Attack that will be blocked.

DDOS Protection will prevent an attack directed to your server.
With our advanced DDOS Protection, your server will be protected from the most common attacks up to multi-vector attacks as well as sophisticated application of layer attacks like Slowloris and R-U-Dead-Yet? (RUDY).

TCP SYN Floods

TCP FIN Floods

TCP RST Floods

TCP Fragment attacks

TCP Syn Spoofed


HTTP Post Floods

HTTP XMLRPC PingBack attacks


HTTP Cache Control

HTTP SSL Saturation


ICMP Floods

Brute Force

TCP Ack Floods

Ping of Death

DNS NXDomain Floods

Amplified DNS DDoS


Smurf and other attacks

Website Monitoring Service

Real-Time Dashboard

Inspect the traffic and get attack information of your server through intuitive dashboard with real-time data. 

Monthly Report

Download the suited monthly security report and get to know how your site get protected.

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