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Data Center Choices in Indonesia for Your Business

By Cloudmatika 11 June, 2020

The changes from using physical data to virtual data for data storage made many companies start to apply technology to their businesses. More and more companies start to authorize Data Centers for their businesses. However, nowadays, many companies do not put their servers/build Data Centers in their own offices but rather choose to work with Data Center providers by creating Co-Location, Private Cloud, or using Cloud Computing services in Indonesia.

Have you heard of the term Data Center? In general, the data center is a facility used for virtual data storage. Here are some things that you should consider when you want to choose a Data Center for your server:
  • Location
If your business is in Indonesia, it would be better to choose a Data Center located in Indonesia. That way you can reduce the level of internet latency, as well as follow the applicable laws in Indonesia. You also need to ensure that the location of the Data Center is safe from floods, earthquakes, and avalanches and has a good construction system.

Cloudmatika is a cloud provider in Indonesia that provides Virtual Server Cloud Servers, VPS, Mail Servers, etc. We have used Data Center in Indonesia that already has Data Center TIER III certification, which is located in NTT Jakarta & GTN Cikarang.
  • Safety
Company data is a valuable asset. Therefore, you have to ensure that the Data Center has high standards of security facilities such as surveillance of people's entry and exit, CCTV, security systems, etc.
  • Power Supply
Understand the power source of the Data Center to avoid disruptions to your business operations. A good data center has electrical power sources and electrical backup systems such as generators.
  • Internet
Fast internet is very important to access data, so choose Data Center in Indonesia which provides several internet providers.

Looking for Cloud Computing Service Provider with Data Center in Indonesia? Cloudmatika is The Solution!

Cloudmatika is a provider of virtual server services such as Virtual Private Cloud, Virtual Data Centers, CO-Location, Virtual Private Server, Mail Server, Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery which uses Data Centers in Indonesia with TIER III Data Center certification.
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