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Anti DDoS for Website Servers

By Cloudmatika 10 July, 2020


Internet has become a fast-growing technology, especially for a company as a medium for company branding through a company profile or digital transaction that carried out using a website.

However, website is prone to security attacks. The attackers can threat your websites in many ways:


1. Phishing

The attackers lure its victims by creating fake websites that resemble the real ones. They usually change the domain or appearance to obtain information from deceived victims.

2. DoS

Denial of Service (DoS)  is an attack meant to shut down a machine or network, making it inaccessible to its intended users. This will cause huge losses especially if it attacks a website intended for business needs.

3. DDoS

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks one server and triggers server crash. DDoS often targets vulnerable websites such as ones used for company profile or buying and selling transactions.

4. Bruteforce Attack

Bruteforce Attack is almost similar to DoS where the attack is carried out using a login form. It breaks into your website or server and matches your password and email. The affected website will go down or experience crash due to the large number of requests and incoming traffic.

The solution? Don't worry because Cloudmatika is here to solve your problems. Get to know with Cloudmatika Web Application Firewall (WAF).

WAF is a cloud-based service that can block various kinds of web attacks accurately and quickly with logic-based analysis detection technology. By using WAF, you will reduce and block DDoS attacks that try to overload resources and make the website inaccessible.

WAF will continuously monitor and analyze all incoming access to your website, and will only allow trusted and verified visitors. By using Cloudmatika WAF, you no longer have to worry about any attacks. Here are the features:

1. Quick and Easy Protection

You can check attack status in real time and black-list any attack quickly. That way you no longer need to worry if your website is threatened by a DDoS attack.

2. Intuitive, Simple Control

You don't need to be an IT expert to use Cloudmatika WAF. You just need to refer to the guidelines because everything is served in simplicity. You will also get a report that is easy to understand to make sure that your website is safe.

3. Intelligent Cloud WAF

Cloudmatika WAF already uses a logic-based detection technology which is supported by PentaSecurity, so you can detect modified and unknown attacks with advanced accuracy.

4. Free SSL Certificate

You will get a free SSL certificate which you can use to secure your website without installing anything else.

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