Cloudmatika Advanced Storage

A sophisticated Cloud Storage service is now availabe in Indonesia. With the speed of a local disk and  its world-class security, Cloudmatika Advanced Storage being one of the right solution provided by Cloudmatika as your reliable cloud storage.

Cloudmatika Advanced Storage is a 100% Indonesians. With the storage center located in Indonesia, you shouldn’t be worry about the safety of your storage. Cloudmatika Advanced Storage was designed specially, allow it to support all platform types. And also compatible with Amazon S3 object storage.

Interested With Cloudmatika Advanced Storage

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Cloudmatika Advanced Storage Features

Universal Storage

Can be used as a Back-end applicaton such as Cloudmatika Cloud File, Cloud Backup, Open-Xchange, vSphere, Hyper V, Microsoft Exchange or as a Sharing storage files, documents, pictures, videos, etc. With all the following benefits :

  • Documents, files, and many other storage objects
  • Support Cold dan Hot Data
  • 1 Storage for any works
  • Smart Redundancy and Management Overhead

Cold Data: Backup dan Archive

  • Integrated with Cloudmatika Cloud Backup
  • Low OPEX dan CAPEX
    – Low Overhead
    – Efficient Hardware Utility
    – Flexible redundancy scheme
  • Automatic file healing system
  • Correcting errors and fixing it
  • Compatible with Amazon S3 object storage

Hot data: Virtualization

  • High availability for iSCSI
  • Support almost all kind of vitualization platforms, such as :
    – Microsoft Hyper-V
    – VMware
    – vSphere
    – KVM virtual machines
    – XEN
  • Reliable Performance
  • Support lots of paths

Object Storage

Build publicly or specifically and compatible with Amazon S3 Cloud Storage for any cloud service applications.

  • Accsess millions of objects without limitation
  • Use a reliable storage-as-a-service (SAAS) application
  • Running the application Back-End, such as: Open-Xchange, Cloudmatika Cloud File, Cloudmatika Cloud Backup or synchronization file and sharing applications
  • Support Web contents

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