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Microsoft Exchange 2010 End Of Life, Zimbra Cloudmatika Solution For Your Business

Hi Cloud Users!

Microsoft Exchange 2010 is one of the most used enterprise email servers in Indonesia. IT Departments in charge of it currently are facing a big challenge: In just a few months, in January 2020, Exchange 2010 will be officially EOL, or “End Of Life” and Microsoft will stop supporting it.

Commonly people believe they only have 2 options: Upgrade to Exchange 2016 or migrate to Office 365. Both options are extremely expensive. Additionally, any Enterprise who takes the protection of their data serious will not be comfortable to hand over all their email communication to a foreign company with servers outside of Indonesia (the nearest Office 365 data center is in Singapore, none in Indonesia).

Now the good news: There is another option! Enterprises, SMEs, universities and governments around the world have adopted Zimbra for their email, due it’s much lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and better features compared to Exchange. As an example, the Indian government is using Zimbra for over 1 million users.

In terms of trust and reliability of Zimbra, there is no need for concern. It is a product of Synacor, which is owned by VMware.

A lot of organizations are using Outlook as email client, it is part of work culture to open Outlook as first thing after arriving in the office. Zimbra has a very nice Web interface allowing people to use all the email and collaboration features simply in the browser, in the same way as for example Gmail. However, for all “hardcore” Outlook users, Zimbra has a so-called “MAPI” integration with Outlook, which allows to use all email and collaboration features in exactly the same way as with Exchange server. This makes the transition from Exchange to Zimbra very easy for users, since there will be no change in the way they are working with Outlook.

A common concern of IT departments about moving to a new IT system is migration. In the case of Zimbra, this has been made very easy by readily available tools and professional services to migrate a complete Exchange server content to Zimbra. Even the largest of Exchange environments with tens of thousands of users can typically be migrated over a weekend. The integration of Zimbra with Active Directory / LDAP including user auto-provisioning is an additional feature to make migration and management as seamless as possible.

At Cloudmatika, we have various Zimbra options to suit the needs of any type of organization, from SME to large Enterprise. We provide fully hosted SaaS Zimbra, which works in the same way as Office 365 as a subscription with per-user price. The big difference is the cost, with our Zimbra starting at Rp. 10.000 / user / month vs Office 365 or Exchange Online starting at over Rp. 50.000 / user / month. For companies who prefer a more private environment, we provide fully managed dedicated Zimbra servers / clusters with small monthly cost and no investment / CAPEX required.

Let’s look at an example of a company with 1000 email users:

Office 365 / Exchange online: 1000 X Rp. 50.000 =  Rp. 50 Million / month

Cloudmatika Zimbra: 1000 X Rp. 10.000 = Rp. 10 Million / month

If our example company has more advanced requirements, including online conferencing (Like Webex or Skype for Business), the cost of the highest Zimbra edition with all advanced features is still just Rp. 25.000 / user / month, less than half of Office 365.

We believe that this example company could certainly spend the savings of up to Rp. 40 Million per month on more productive things. At the same time, with all Cloudmatika servers in Indonesia, there is no need to worry about the privacy and protection of the data.

In case an organization also intends to move their traditional file server to a more modern collaborative Dropbox-like system, Cloudmatika Filebox is a perfect add-on to Zimbra.

For organizations who need to keep using their own Exchange and upgrade it to 2016, Cloudmatika offers the option to migrate the server(s) to Cloudmatika Cloud as part of the upgrade process. Using Cloud infrastructure is a more efficient and reliable way to run Exchange compared to traditional on-premise servers, and we can provide site-resiliency between our Data Centers in Jakarta and Cikarang. An additional advantage of using our Cloud for your Exchange server is the so-called SPLA Licensing model, with a small monthly license fee per user instead the high cost to purchase the licenses. All Microsoft products can be licensed with these small monthly fees when running in our Cloud Infrastructure.

Contact our team of specialists to discuss your case and get expert advice about Zimbra, migrations and using Cloud for Exchange server. In case you have not yet tried Zimbra, we can provide free trials and POCs.

Official EOL information from Microsoft: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/enterprise/exchange-2010-end-of-support

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