Solution For Your BusinessUpgrade Your Business With Cloudmatika

Start 110K/Server/MonthVirtual Private Server

Solution for data storage and application with cloud. Migrate your data from physical servers to the cloud to support your business.

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Start From 12 K/User/MonthZimbra Email & Collaboration

All in one email solution for your business with affordable price. Zimbra email & collaboration have features : calender,chat and etc

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Start From 250 K / 200 GB / Month Cloud Backup

Cloudmatika Cloud backup, powered by Acronis Data Cloud, is a fast, scalable and reliable backup solution for files, applications, and complete systems.Recover faster and to any hardware to minimize your downtime and lost productivity.

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Start From 500 K/MonthDisaster Recovery

Cloud Backup Disaster recovery service provides a complete secondary infrastructure solution for your business. In the event of a natural disaster, hardware failure or any other outage, you will be able to recover your critical infrastructure within a few minutes.

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Cloudmatika For Your BusinessIntegrated Technology as a Solution for your Business Efficiency

Complete Solution

Cloudmatika comes with the best set of technologies to ensure your business runs easily and efficiently. Business automation, data storage, and business application, collaboration, correspondence and security of critical data for your business are fully assured.

Cloud Computing 2.0

No need to pay more for hourly billing or constant increase of usage. You can save on operational costs by ensuring your cloud environment has runned according to your application. Adding Load-balancer, Firewall, and AutoScale with a single click on your mouse. We make cloud computing as simple as it should be. This is Cloud Computing 2.0

Reliable Performance 100% SLA

Cloudmatika partner with Parallels, leader in virtualization for the internet, to refine the design of stack calculation from the kernel up. We have proven that we are 250% faster than KVM and 250% faster than Xenon Lamp Stack, we also assure 100% SLA.

24/7 Support With 20 Years Experience

Cloudmatika has provided internet services in Japan and Australia for 20 years. Our experienced technicians are here to help you. Please contact our support anytime 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We are happy to offer our popular management services, Secure Cloud Pack and Managed Service Packs so you can focus on your main business

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Why Cloudmatika ?

Data Center

Local Data Center

Be assured that your data is secure, and our dedicated operations team will keep you online.

Peace of Mind

Full Trained Cloud Professionals

We won’t take any chances when it comes to keeping your data secure. We are fully compliant with standards, protecting your data by all means possible. Our highly trained professionals with many years of experience in operating not just our networks, but the systems and data that reside on them.

Customer Service

Help When You Need

Our dedicated customer service staff are ready via phone, email, or live chat to assist you when you need it. We offer service level agreements and managed services to meet every need. Stay online, all the time with Cloudmatika

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