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START 110K/server/month

Cloud Server / VPS

Data storage solution and business application in the Cloud. Instant, Elastic, Safe, and Advanced.


START 55K/user/month

Email & Collaboration

Solution for Business Correspondency and Collaboration needs. Document editing and Data sharing.


START 1000/gb/month

Cloud Backup

Solution for your vital business data security. Data insurance for your precious business. Backup and secure your data now.


START 300K/month

Web Security

Solution for secure your web. Protect your web application from web attacks with real-time protection

Cloudmatika For Your Business

Integrated Technology as a Solution for your Business Efficiency


Cloudmatika comes with the best set of technologies to ensure your business runs easily and efficiently. Business automation, data storage, and business application, collaboration, correspondence and security of critical data for your business are fully assured.

No need to pay more for hourly billing or constant increase of usage. You can save on operational costs by ensuring your cloud environment has runned according to your application. Adding Load-balancer, Firewall, and AutoScale with a single click on your mouse. We make cloud computing as simple as it should be. This is Cloud Computing 2.0


Cloudmatika partner with Parallels, leader in virtualization for the internet, to refine the design of stack calculation from the kernel up. We have proven that we are 250% faster than KVM and 250% faster than Xenon Lamp Stack, we also assure 100% SLA.

Cloudmatika has provided internet service in Japan and Australia for 18 years. Our experienced technicians are here to help you. Please contact our support at anytime for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We are glad to offer our popular maintenance services, Secure Cloud Pack and Managed Service Pack, so you may focus on your main business.


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